Cairo, Egypt / July 2017

"We broke records and reached the top of the charts"

Amir Eid, Singer/Songwriter


One of the most powerful collaborations to date, which resulted in breaking new records and marking one of the most important milestones for the band and the independent music market in the Middle East. CAIROKEE made their breakthrough in 2011, after releasing the Egyptian revolution anthem "Soot El Horeya", which marked their presence as the voice of a generation. A few years later, they realized that sustaining the band's career, requires a lot more than just releasing a few hits, and knew that proper development and planning are required.

In 2016,  El-Wekala Global started producing their 5th studio album A Drop Of White*.. After a year full of artistic development & strategic planning, the album was released, becoming the first-ever independent band to reach the top of the charts, which made them one of the best selling artists in the region, to date.


8 Tracks on the top 10 charts for 6 consecutive weeks, iTunes, 2017

Best Selling Album in the Middle East, 2017

Local Tour with 45.000 Tickets Sold, 2017

World Tour launched at the Barbican Centre in London, UK

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Los Angeles, California / August 2019

"Our ideas were finally understood and developed properly"

Xander Rawlins, Singer/Songwriter


Since 2015, Xander and Taylor (LAIKIPIA) have been writing songs and producing music, but they were always struggling with classifying their work because they always tend to follow their imaginations, disregarding the walls between genres, which never allowed them to define their project properly due to the industry limitations.

In 2019, through El-Wekala Global production models, the music duo were able to better develop their Art, only when they realized that they have created their own unique universe where endless stories emerge in the form of songs. That's when "THE LAIKIPIA EXPERIENCE" was developed; a live-immersive-experience, transporting the audience into a whole new world, where the stories of LAIKIPIA come to life.

In august 2019, The LAIKIPIA EXPERIENCE premiered live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.



Los Angeles, California / January 2020

"Lisa Heller went from industry to indie in a beautifully masterful way"

Dyna - Ear to the Ground


In late 2018, Lisa Heller moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Entertainment. Like many young artists who are still exploring the industry, she thought she got lucky when she got a chance to work with a ‘Music Manager’ in LA, but soon enough, she realized he didn’t understand her talent and only tried to turn her into a commercial/sex product which didn’t connect with her or her art.

Few months later, she stumbled upon El-Wekala Global where she saw an opportunity to explore herself freely and reach her maximum artistic potential. After 8 months of development, planning and production, The Lisa Heller Project came to life; an integrated Art project that consists of 4 Tracks (EP) through which she was able to share parts of her life and explored a more artistic side of her, producing a completely raw and authentic sound that reflected who she really is as an artist, defying most of the industry rules, which led her to be recognized within the industry the way she always wanted, increasing her reach by 400% times.


"The 'Lisa Heller Project' sets the artist's songwriting capabilities in a matured, authentic frame" / POP MATTERS

"Beautiful Breaking the Rules"  / Ear to the Ground

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